The Divide

What is The Divide?

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A divide, or a watershed, is the place that separates two river systems. Divides occur along peaks and ridges - the highest topographical points between two areas of land. Picture the ridge tile on the apex of a roof, in a thunderstorm. All the rain that falls on one side of the roof flows into the gutters on that side, and all that falls on the other side flows into the gutters on that side. But the raindrop that falls right in the middle will wait for a moment until another raindrop lands on top of it, slightly to one side, and unbalances it...

The Divide is a novel for children written by Elizabeth Kay and published by Chicken House. Pictured above is the UK hardback edition. It is also available in paperback, and in US, French, German, Finnish, Japanese and Chinese language versions.

The second book, Back to the Divide, was published in 2004, and the third, Jinx on the Divide, in 2005.

And before you ask - no, there aren’t currently any plans for another Divide book, nor is it within my capabilities to make a film of it!

You can click on the picture of the books (above left) if you want to find out more about the stories.

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