News of the Divide trilogy

The paperback edition of Jinx on the Divide was published in the UK in Spring 2006.

At the same time, the first two books of the trilogy were re-issued with new covers to match.


Kindle editions were published at the end of 2012, all with new covers and illustrations by Elizabeth Kay.


Meanwhile in Germany a paperback
of the first book has been published.

Several translations of The Divide have been published. Here are four of them:

Cover of Dutch edition

In Finnish, it's called Rajalla (which just means "The Divide").

In French, it's called Félix et le Monde à l'envers ("Felix and the Back-to-Front World").

In German, it's called Das Geheimnis der Greifenfeder ("The Secret of the Griffin Feather"). The cover shown here is the hardback edition.

In Dutch, it's called De Breuklijn (which means "The Divide".

The first two books have been translated into Spanish. They are called Felix y el Mundo al Revés ("Felix and the Back-to-Front World") and Vuelta al Mundo al Revés ("Return to the Back-to-Front World").

The whole of the Divide trilogy has been translated into Japanese too. The Japanese versions look like this:

Those are the front covers - though they are where we would expect the back covers to be, because the Japanese read books in the opposite direction to us! 


Click on the icon on the left to see one of the illustrations from the Japanese edition of The Divide.

Here are the Chinese versions of the first two books:

The Divide is the first volume of a trilogy. Pictured right are the hardback, paperback, and US editions.


The second book, called Back to the Divide, was published in the USA in July 2004 and in the UK in August 2004. The hardback, paperback and US editions are shown left.

The third book, Jinx on the Divide, was published in both the UK and the US during summer 2005.


The Divide won a White Raven at the 2004 Bologna Book Fair. White Ravens are awarded by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany, and The Divide was one of only ten British books to receive one in that year.

The Divide was shortlisted for the 2004 Stockport Children's Book Award, for both the Stockton Children's Book of the Year and the West Sussex Children's Book Award in 2005, and for the Colorado Children's Book Award in 2006. In 2007 it was shortlisted for the Key Stage 3 Imagines Book Award in Birmingham, UK. 

Elizabeth Kay was a keynote speaker at Accio 2005, the first Harry Potter conference to be held in Great Britain. This was held at the University of Reading over the weekend of 29th-31st July 2005. Elizabeth's paper was about fantasy creatures in fiction. For further information see the Accio site.

Elizabeth was part of the Schools Programme at the Edinburgh Festival in August 2005.

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