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Hello fellow beings. Welcome to my website for The Divide, where you can find out lots of… well, stuff. The most popular page is the Fieldguide, which gives a list of the all the creatures that have appeared in the books – click on the icons, and bump up the volume! There's a map of Betony's world on the Kaflabad page. If you select Biography you’ll discover a bit about me, and you can laugh at some childhood snapshots. In News, you can see the different covers the books have had in other countries and anything else that I feel you need to know. Fun & Games has an assortment of bits and pieces, such as Betony’s Toadstool Identification Test and Pewtermane’s Problem Page. Links gives a list of other websites you might enjoy, and Contact Me means you can ask me something directly. I usually reply pretty quickly, but if I don’t it’s because I’m abroad somewhere, watching bears in Finland or photographing forest fires in Turkey or getting bitten by lots of insects in Africa…

PS I do try to reply to all readers' letters and e-mails. If you have contacted me and not received a reply, please try again or contact me through my blog. People who write to me via my publishers (The Chicken House, 2 Palmer Street, Frome, Somerset BA11 1DS, England) sometimes forget to include a return address. And remember, if you live abroad and have written via the publisher in your own country, it will take much longer for me to respond as everything has to be forwarded.

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