Kaflabad is a walled city, situated at the foot of the Crystal Mountains, and owes its existence to the rain that falls there and flows into the Kaflabad river. This river eventually dries up altogether in the surrounding desert. The town itself is built in a rather higgledy-piggledy fashion, and the biggest buildings are all constructed in the ziggurat style – a tiered wedding-cake shape. The king’s ziggurat dominates the main square, which also boasts a sophisticated magic carpet rack. There are a lot of restaurants in this area.

The bazaar is on the south-western side of the square, and the world famous dye-market to the north-west. You can get anything at all dyed here, from your hair to your quaddiump. The chariot rank is to the south, and the main eating area to the east. The botanical garden is near the dye-market. 


Legend has it that Kaflabad was founded by King Bamboozle The Crafty, after a voice told him it was a neat hideout. The town grew rapidly, gaining a reputation for lawlessness until King Sykotik slaughtered everyone and started again from scratch. Since then it has become a notable trading centre, with K’Faddle & Offspring making it their headquarters and continuing the tradition begun by King Bamboozle – get a good security system, hire the best lawyers, and cut every corner you can.

Tourist attractions

The botanical gardens are unique, featuring several colourful varieties of the rare squeaking cactus, and the king’s ziggurat is a must, with gardens and orchards on each level. The headquarters of K’Faddle & Offspring should only be visited if you have a genuine business enquiry, as you could find yourself turned into a worm by the security system. The building itself is a superb example of enchanted architecture, however, with flavoured walls and scented windows. The bridge over the Kaflabad River is worth a look as well, as it is lined with statues of famous criminals from times gone by.

Getting around

Chariots are available at any hour of the day or night, but do make sure you agree on the fare before you set off. Chariot drivers are extremely reckless, and usually have the scars to prove it. You can hire a magic carpet at Pile’s, who have a magnificent range from thick to very clever indeed. Quaddiumps are banned from the town centre, except for those doing deliveries. 11 Jan 2007 20:22:46 -0000


Hot and dry, all year round.


Mainly amberlies, but some nomads and other traders and travellers.

The Kafla Desert

The desert surrounding Kaflabad has a desolate beauty all its own.



Look for the stabber-birds down by the river. Cutthroats are very rare these days, but you might get lucky and hear them roaring from the desert at night.

Places to stay

There are numerous inns and guest houses, with a flea-rating of one to five. There is also a very good livery stable for your quaddiump. 

Places to eat

Kaflabad offal is world famous. Tripe, liver, kidneys, and lesser-known organs – you name it, they fry it, barbecue it, boil it, fricassee it – be sure to try the scorched intestines with pukeberry sauce. Recommended restaurants: Salmon Ella’s, Cramps, and Belly Up


Shop till you drop in Kaflabad – it’s the home of K’Faddle & Offspring, who make every magical appliance imaginable, and quite a few that you’d never dream up in your wildest nightmares. The bazaar is pretty good, too, although you must haggle if you want a bargain. And even then you’ll be lucky to get one.



Guide to Kaflabad

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City Map of Kaflabad






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The Kafla Desert




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A ziggurat

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